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Research Opportunities

Ph.D./PostDoc Positions Available

              We are very much interested in taking new PhD Students to pursue their research career in the exciting field of Condensed Matter Theory, Electronic Structure Theory, Semi-conductor Physics, Magnetism, Physics of Novel Solar Cells, Renewable Energy Technology, Perovskite, Computational Materials Science, and Condensed Matter Nanoscience, Computational Physics, Computations Clean Energy and Bio-engineering Applications (such as Fuel Cells, Alkali-ion Batteries, Photocatalysis, H2 & O2 Evolution Reactions, CO2 & O2 Reduction Reactions, Gas Storage in MOFs or COFs, Gas Adsorption, Drug Delivery in MOFs or COFs, Bio-Compatibility of Porous Materials, 2D Layer Materials & Porous Materials, Renewable Energy, Molecular Modelling), Condensed Matter Nanoscience (such as transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) and monochalcogenides) and Solar Cells.

               Students with GATE or NET JRF (CSIR/UGC) qualified are encouraged to apply (email: spakhira@iiti.ac.in) immediately. This is a rolling advertisement and there is no last date for sending the Application. We have few openings for postdoctoral position in our group and we encourage candidates to apply for SERB-National Post-Doctoral Fellowship (NPDF) to join our group.